Hyalyn customers will find a wide variety of lamp shade styles, sizes, and fabrics IN STOCK. Staff assistance is always provided in order to insure the appropriate selection for lamps brought into the store for a “fitting”.

A wide variety of shade styles available include:


  • Chandelier shades
  • Uno or bridge lamp shades
  • Chimney shades for oil lamps
  • Clip-on styles for smaller lamps
  • Floor lamp shades to fit vintage glass diffusers
  • Empires, coolies, drums, and bell shapes
  • Square, rectangular & oval specialty shapes
  • Custom lamp shades

Hyalyn Lamps also offers special order custom shade service. Customers can order from swatch books available, or provide their own fabrics for use on a choice of standard shade frames. Also available is restoration and recover of vintage original shade frames. All custom work is sent to factory-trained, experienced craftsmen to insure professional results!

Currently, there are countless fabric choices for ordering custom shades, some of which include silk, linen, cotton, parchment, burlap, and even paintable finishes. The experienced staff at Hyalyn will assist customers with their search for the perfect lamp shade.